Women’s Swimsuits For Travelling

Travelling is a lot of fun. All women want to make sure they have the best possible wardrobe when they are out and about for a trip. Any women’s swimsuits for travel should have certain kinds of properties. For many women, this means having women’s swimsuits that can be packed with ease. It also means women’s swimsuits that dry quickly. A woman wants women’s swimsuits that will not retain water when she’s out somewhere. This way, she has women’s swimsuits that she can wear again and again without a problem. It also means having suits that won’t shrink as she walks and uses them over and again. Careful examination of the kinds of women’s swimsuits that are available makes any trip even sweeter. Jets Swimwear One Pieces

Easy Packing

All women’s swimsuits should be easy to pack. Look for little details that enable them to be rolled up in any luggage. For example, this means that the cups of the women’s swimsuits can be put the luggage without being crushed. Some women’s swimsuits have cups that can be removed. This is a good choice that allows the person to arrange their luggage as they travel with ease. Other details can also make it easier for a woman to pack her suit with her. A minimum of fussy details can help by making sure she isn’t worried that the suit she’s chosen will catch on other items in her luggage. For this reason, a streamlined suit with few additional details makes a lot of sense for the frequent woman traveller. Jets

Flattering Looks

A woman also wants to have looks in a swimsuit that can help her look good as she walks across the tiles to get to her favorite seat at the hotel pool. Many women want to make connections no matter what they’re doing as they are traveling. When a woman has women’s swimsuits that look really good when she’s out, that can indicate that she has it all together even when she’s far away from her home. A sophisticated suit also allows her to fit in with ease even at a top flight resort. She wants something that can make her legs look longer and her help show off her lovely eyes and well toned arms.

No Matter What

No matter what a woman is doing, she wants any suit that can help her feel confident she has all she needs when she is nowhere near her home. This means a suit that truly suits her figure as well as one that can go anywhere she does. Any woman should take the time to think about where she’s going to use that suit and under what conditions when she is headed off on vacation. A good suit is one that is versatile as well as one that feels right on her skin and is easy to keep clean. All these details add up to a plan that makes sense for all women travelling anywhere at any time.

Colors For One Piece Swimwear

One of the most important aspects of choosing a swimsuit is that of color. A well chosen one piece swimwear is one that can show off the body’s best features. The right kind of one piece swimwear also allows a woman to feel that she looks good when she’s on the sand or heading off to her favorite pool. This means thinking about the kind of colors in a one piece swimwear that make her feel good and work with other items she’s going to wear to the beach at the same time. She should think about her favorite colors as well as other color options that can also do the job. Jets One Piece Swimwear

Bright Colors

Bright colors make good choices in a one piece swimwear. For example, a one piece swimwear in a shade of teal can immediately make any woman stand out. A one piece swimwear in a hue such as intense pink can also help her feel like she’s the center of attention in a good way. Many women love the idea of colors that allow them to show off their personality when they put on one piece swimwear. Colors in jewel tones such as emerald and ruby red are a great way to add pizzazz to any wardrobe and allow a woman to show she’s unafraid to embrace color in every way. These are shades that can help a woman create a splash every time she dives in the pool. Jets Swimwear

Neutral Tones

Another option in one piece swimwear is that of shades that are less showy and more subdued. Many women find the idea of a one piece swimwear in black or white is a good idea to add to their existing wardrobe for the summer. A dark tone such as black can help any woman conceal her figure problems. Shades like white are another good choice in one piece swimwear as they help show off a nice tan or a woman’s dainty feet. This is a good choice for all accessories. Properly chosen accessories can help any woman look well from head to toe. Think about the entire look and then pick out items that indicate a love of fashion as well as the ability to bring to life a woman’s ideal features.

Varied Colors

A full set of swimwear in varied shades is a good option for all women. All women should think about having items they can use for the summer. This means items that can go anywhere including a top flight resort as well as the local beach. The ideal items are also those that can help any woman feel that she’s right on top of her game as she walks down the hot sands or on her way to get a drink at the swim club. She can bring out any kind of suit for the kind of swim she has in mind before she heads out. A varied wardrobe of one piece swimsuits is a real must for all modern women today.

Alweg Torino 1961

The Alweg Train

In the year 1961 a very special exhibition called “Italia 61”, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the modern state of Italy, took place in Torino. One of the main attractions was a 1.2 km long single-beam Alweg monorail line with a three-unit Alweg train. The train was technically equipped for a top speed of 80km/h.

Design and Transport of the Train

The construction workers designed the train under the aegis of the Alweg Company of Cologne. They built it under supervision of Alweg engineers by Linke-Hofmann-Busch in Salzgitter, Germany. They transported the train first via the German Federal Railway from Salzgitter to Cologne. Then they moved it with a special transport trailer to the Alweg test facility in Cologne-Fühlingen. There they thoroughly inspected the train, test-drove it and then transported it – again by railway – to Torino, Italy, to arrive in time for the opening of the exhibition there. They expected the train to carry about 25.000 riders per day.

Connecting the City and Suburbs

It looked as if after the exhibition the Alweg line would be extended to a length of 12 kilometers to connect the inner city with the exhibition grounds and the suburban area of Moncalieri. The planners had very optimistically already designed the trains for this line on the drawing boards of the Alweg design department in Cologne.

The Forgotten Chapter of the Story

However, soon after the end of the exhibition, the construction workers disassembled most parts of the beamway. The general public eventually forgot about this chapter of the Alweg story. Amazingly the construction works allowed the very solidly built train-shed structure that was part of the “north-end station” to remain in tact. The workers even left some parts of the beamway standing. These concrete structures were still standing there in the early 2000s. They posed something of an architectural riddle for most observers who nowadays know nothing about the old Alweg line there. Even the beautiful Alweg train remained in its shed for several years. Vandalism and arson finally destroyed it in the end.

Women’s Swimsuits For Any Figure

The Right Kind of Suit

All women need to find the right kind of suit. All women need women’s swimsuits that work with her figure. Every woman has features about her figure that she wants to show off. All women also have figure features that she might want to conceal. The right kind of women’s swimsuits are those that will accomplish all such goals. For example, a woman who has a nice bust wants to find women’s swimsuits that can bring attention to this part of her body. She also wants to find women’s swimsuits that can help her bring out a bust if she would like to have a more flattering silhouette on the top part of her body. Jets.

Full Figured Women

A full figured woman wants women’s swimsuits that can help her draw the eyes away from areas of the body that aren’t working for her right now. She also wants to have women’s swimsuits that can bring out her trim waist or show off her long legs. For women who have a lot of figure, the ideal women’s swimsuits are also those that can shape that part of the body and help bring out a fit that adds to her appeal when she’s on the beach. It means that she can have a suit that can also create a figure where none might exist and conceal parts of the body that look good. She needs to make sure the suit she’s chosen is one that helps her accomplish all of these goals and more. https://www.jets.com.au/shop/swimwear/one+piece

Thinner Women

Some women are thinner. They want to have women’s swimsuits that can also help them feel even more confident when they are striding across the sands. The right kind of women’s swimsuits are those that are designed to help bring the view to her trim waist and her tanned arms. Many women are looking for women’s swimsuits that can allow them to feel relaxed no matter what they are doing when they are out in the sun. The ideal suit is one that feels right for any woman in every way. Thinner women want to pay close attention to details such as the leg openings and the openings near the bust. Each one should hug her body and make it look really good when she walks or swims.

Getting it Together

Getting it all together with the ideal kind of suit for the summer is the right choice for many women today. The right kind of suit is one that can offer all that and even more. Any woman today should take all these details in mind as she shops for such suits. The right choice is one that will help her accomplish all of her plans for the summer and make the summer one of endless fun at the same time. A well chosen suit can add a lot of value to any woman’s wardrobe in every way. Looking carefully can make any woman feel great when she’s at the beach or by the pool.

A personal Alweg memory

Alweg Engineers

When the Alweg engineers in America discussed other monorail systems, they talked with particular respect of the Safege system that was developed and tested in France.

Eine persönliche Alweg-Erinnerung:

Wenn die Alweg-Ingenieure in Amerika andere Einschienenbahn-Systeme erörterten, so redeten sie mit besonderem Respekt von dem in Frankreich entwickelten und erprobten Safege-System.

SAFEGE (Societe Baudin – Chateauneuf)

Symmetrical suspended monorail.
Symmetrisch angeordnete Hängeeinschienenbahn.

Developed in 1958 in France. Test track in Chateauneuf-sur-Loire (near Orleans).
Entwickelt 1958 in Frankreich. Teststrecke in Chateauneuf-sur-Loire (nahe Orleans).

Safege website

A surprising and highly interesting Safege website has been created by R. LAMBERTUS, who successfully followed leads to find the legendary Safege monorail car in France. (In addition there is also equally surprising material about the no less legendary Bertin Aerotrain project.)

The R. Lambertus Website

Zum Thema Safege gibt es eine überraschende und hochinteressante Webseite von R. LAMBERTUS, der in Frankreich erfolgreich nach den Spuren des legendären Safege-Einschienenbahnwagens geforscht hat. (Dazu gibt es auch noch genauso überraschendes Material über das nicht minder legendäre Bertin Aerotrain Projekt.)
French website about the Safege project (including Aerotrain, also in English)
Französische Webseite über das Safege-Projekt (einschließlich Aerotrain)

The Alweg Archives


The History of the Alweg Monorail System. and The Alweg Concept Today as found in the straddle type monorails of Hitachi, Bombardier and Scomi. Die Geschichte der Alweg-Bahn. und Das Alweg-Konzept Heute wie es in den Satteleinschienenbahnen von Hitachi, Bombardier und Scomi zu finden ist.

Last update

Last update / Zuletzt aktualisiert January / Januar 2015 (See the current Alweg Archives MonoLog) (Siehe aktuellste Alweg Archives MonoLog).

Start of this Website

This website was started on June 23, 2000. Diese Webseite besteht seit dem 23. Juni 2000.

Women’s Swimsuits For Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a joyous time in a woman’s life. Women benefit from having the right kind of clothing with them. They also benefit from having the chance to exercise. Exercise in pregnancy is a good idea. All pregnant women need women’s swimsuits that make sense for them and their needs. When it comes to picking out women’s swimsuits for pregnancy it helps to keep in mind women’s swimsuits that can work during the entire pregnancy. Women as they go through the pregnancy will see different bodily changes. Good women’s swimsuits are women’s swimsuits that can account for this and make it easy for the woman to swim even when she’s into her very last months of her pregnancy. Jets One Pieces.

The Trimesters

Even during early in pregnancy, a woman might feel differently and look differently during those days. She may feel slightly bloated as well as gaining weight in different areas of her body. As she continues that pregnancy, she’ll need to have women’s swimsuits that can make this process easier. This is why so many women find it ideal to consider trying on any women’s swimsuits in person. This way they can get a feel for how it drapes on the body. It should allow her to move freely. The suit should not pull in too much against the stomach or the other parts of her changing body. Doing so can make it much easier for a woman to move in the water and feel confident as she does. https://www.jets.com.au

Changing Body Parts

Good women’s swimsuits for pregnancy also enable women to work with her body and deal with any changes she finds as she walks. A woman might have a changed center of gravity as she deals with the changes of pregnancy. She needs a suit that will also allow her as much privacy as she likes. For women it also means a suit that can help her feel appealing as she goes through that pregnancy. She might want a suit that allows the fabric to drape over her chest and against the hips. This is why a woman should look carefully at the suit. She needs to see that it will help her swim with ease no matter how far along she’s in the pregnancy.

All Details

The suit should have details that enable her to change the suit as her body does. For example, this might mean a suit that has a peplum against the hips so as to create a longer look even when she’s pushing to the end of her pregnancy. A good suit is one that also allows her to swim without feeling too bogged down by fabric. Many women are looking for suits that can enable them to enjoy a sport they love no matter how far along the pregnancy has progressed. This means a suit that can go with them as they get ready to have a baby. A good suit is one that can help any woman enjoy sports and her own pregnancy.